What Makes Your Resume Presentable?

A candidate how so ever well qualified he is can not get recruited until and unless his resume captivates the attention of the recruiters. Having a resume is not sufficient. It should be such which magnetizes the attention of the recruiters and compel them to go through it. Making your resume attractive doesn’t mean that your resume should be colorful with tables inserted and lots of pictures inserted. This would rather make the recruiter keep aside your resume in the first place.

To evade this from happening your cv should cover the following aspects:-

• It should be professionally built.
• Should be clean and clear.
• Last but not the least, it should be relevant.

The first step of your resume built up is that it should be professional. By professional cv we don’t mean that it should look professional with a big list of education qualifications. What ever be your school or university education, your application should be professional in the aspects of its presentation. It is your which will put forward your potentialities. This is the voice for your abilities, skills, experience and your worth for the organization.

It should be professional in respect of both paper and ink. It includes plane white crisp paper with dark ink.

The second step to make it presentable is that it should be clean and clear. With clean I mean that it should not include tables or unnecessary lines. A resume should enclose only the content or basic information about the candidate. The resume should be painless to read, easy to run an eye down and inviting. Tables and columns should be avoided.

While preparing a resume you should try to make maximum use of bullets, paragraphs and headings. Always remember that a recruiter is very busy with a huge pile of resumes with him. One thing which will grab his attention toward your resume would be these three things. With bullets, a recruiter can easily go through the main points which you want him to read.

This will further make him go through your resume and thus result in your short listing.Last but not the least, make your resume relevant. This includes exclusion of unrelated, irrelevant and miscellaneous information. Only that information should be included which is applicable to your job profile.

Your resume is the one which put forward your caliber and potentialities in front of the recruiters or we can say that your resume speaks for you..!!!