Using Pictures in Presentation

What about using graphic if your PowerPoint presentation? Does it make sense? I’m sure you heard something like “our graphics will make your presentation looks professional” or “make it vivid”, but you still must understand why you use or do not use graphics in your presentation.

The first fact is that pictures are easier for visual perception than text, but pictures will not contain as much information as text will. So, use pictures to add some life to your presentation, to point on key concepts and ideas.

Second fact, having pictures in your presentation is a good way to differentiate between slides. People will remember more if they will have a visual image of what you are talking right now.

Third, in fact, if you what presentation to look professional then you don’t need to full it with hundreds pictures. It wound be enough to add a company logo, sometime it is necessary to add more graphics, but… keep it simple. Remember, that people might need to access your presentation from the web and the presentation size should not be bigger that 60 minutes of high-quality video.

What about using graphic libraries? If you will use some free clipart, then you will not achieve the goal for your presentation to look like professional one. People used these clip arts thousand of times and will know where did you get these pictures from. The good idea is to purchase a package of ready to use presentation images or ask company designer to prepare several images for your presentation.

What about using animation, movies and so on in your presentation? Well, it’s a good idea to put vivid video in your presentation, but remember that if may be hard to get this presentation online and keep all formats and files in a proper way.

The general question – should the presentation be animated in someway? For instance, PowerPoint allows to draw your slide step by step – first draw the title, then represent one by one some key phrases. This is great idea as people who will listen to you will carefully follow your ideas, but again, you will not be able to make sure that your presentation will be represented online correctly with all steps that you have planned.

The recommendation is simple – use graphics in your presentation. It’s very good idea to make it look professional, but only graphics will not do job for you.

Images that work! I talk about charts and diagrams. People are willing to have a look at statistics. Statistics is what making people crazy about everything, so if you have some statistic, then add it to your presentation. Tell about your sales in past, future and planned. Show the numbers not just in text, but on chart. Name the chart accordingly – don’t tell “The chart number …”, tell what this chart explains “The growth of sales during last two years was not what we were looking for”.

So how does professional presentation look like? It may have some pictures, but author focuses on clear ideas supporting them with chars and diagrams. That is the key to successful presentation.