Will You Be Swept Away By The Negotiation Tsunami?

Warning, a negotiation tsunami is occurring throughout the world. As such, a lot of corporations and individuals are allowing their negotiation sky to fall. A negotiation tsunami has been surging for quite some time. It began in the form of savvy individuals and cutting edge corporations increasing their knowledge of negotiation. Those entities have become poised to out-negotiate those who are complacent with their current negotiation skills.

In the worldwide recession, that has gripped corporations and individuals, everyone is dealing with the premise of doing more with less. As such, those entities that increase their capacity to negotiate more stringently are and will continue to outdistance those that allow their negotiation skills to remain stagnant. In many situations, organizations while cutting overhead and negotiation training to the bone are not aware of the severe damage they’re doing to their bottom line.

The problem initiated in most organizations when management felt it could get by with the negotiation skill sets that existed within the corporation. As time progressed, management considered the enhancement of the organization’s negotiation skills as a nice to have. Individuals felt a need to stretch their resources, but declined to consider the valuable role that negotiation plays to assist them in achieving their goals. In most organizations, management has failed to realize the overall value that can be gained by enhancing the core negotiation skills of its human resource, and the value that such activity has on the company’s bottom line.

As a key component in your organization and in your personal life, where do you stand when it comes to enhancing your negotiation skills?

I wrote an article recently in which the question was posed, do the Chinese negotiate differently and/or better than people in other countries? Respondents from several LinkedIn Chinese groups that have conducted business in China indicated that the Chinese take negotiation seriously and commit to learning the art of negotiation from a very young age; it’s a skill they continue to enhance throughout their lives. The Chinese are not the only people that commit to such strenuous efforts to improve their corporate and private plight.

Where does this leave you and your organization? If you personally become proactive about developing your negotiation skills, you will avoid becoming antiquated and you’ll be able to ascend to higher positions within the corporation. You have time to become a better negotiator, but you need to access the time you have and start increasing your negotiation skills, now! To slack in this endeavor will be akin to recklessly flirting with negativity, as it relates to your future opportunities. I’m sure that’s not a position in which you wish to find yourself.

Those individuals and corporations that seek to succeed in the future will heed this information. If you’re of like-mindedness, you’ll commit to securing your future, that of your corporation, and your life style balance.

Become a better negotiator! Increase your negotiation skills right now! Do so by increasing your knowledge as to when and how to use the appropriate negotiation strategy and tactic. In so doing, you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of future opportunities that will be presented to you… and everything will be right with the world. Remember, you’re always negotiating.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

The Negotiation Tips Are…

In creating your future, gather what you need today to build the environment in which you’ll live tomorrow. Increase your chances of achieving that future by knowing how to negotiate better in life’s situations.

Preparation is a key ingredient in every negotiation. The better you prepare, by knowing how to use the appropriate strategy in the proper situation, the better you’ll become at negotiating.

If you negotiated like your life depended upon the outcome, you’d take the time to learn to negotiate better. Guess what, your life does depend on it!

Delivering Effective Presentations

No matter how informative any presentation is, it tends to get boring and audience tends to lose focus and concentration. This is more often the case, especially when the subject is technical or includes topics that need description. The ideal solution is to throw in some jokes and make the atmosphere light. This will surely be a welcome and change and will surely result in attentive listening and increased concentration. Do make sure that these punches are introduced well before the audience reaches a saturation point.

Who says serious images or boring logos can be added to the slides, one can add pictures of cartoon characters and aptly fit them in the presentation. Again, do not overdo it; otherwise it will take the focus away from main topic or purpose of the meeting.

Lines after lines and long paragraphs, if you find it bland so will your viewers. Presentation should be treated like a narrative; it’s like narrating a story, which the audience will love to hear and will be keen to know the next point. You can add jazz to the slides by using fade in fade out effects, or animation or simply include some sound files. The efforts you take to gather classify data and prepare a presentation, presenting it well also adds to its success. The layout of slides, font color, font size and the order of the topics and many other factors cannot be ignored and need to be taken care off.

Do not forget to make the presentation visually pleasant as well as easy on eyes. Keep it clean and simple, rather using gaudy colors that merely make it look like an eye sore, use basic and light colors and normal fonts. Avoid cluttering the slide with data, use numbering or bullets to differentiate titles and sub titles. Highlight or bold the important text; if you want to ensure that in the course of the presentation, the listeners need to know a particular point, you can also insert notes at the bottom of every slide. The advantage of this notes section is that only the presenter sees it.

Keeping all interested and engaged is truly a tough job and to handle all this with ease all you need is cues and prompts. These additions not only pique interests but help you in taking the topic forward without disturbing the flow of the PPT.

All these efforts and endeavors are to achieve a single goal of giving an effective presentation. Once you get the hang of it, nothing can stop you from delivering successful presentations. These minor points when included the presentation turns out be simply flawless and good. You can also give a mock presentation so that you are able to review it and detect the errors or flaws.

In a nutshell, think like the audience, if you find a particular thing bland so will they. The more presentations you give the better you will get at it. You can also refer to variety of websites and self-help blogs that give you tips to enhance your presentation.

Using Pictures in Presentation

What about using graphic if your PowerPoint presentation? Does it make sense? I’m sure you heard something like “our graphics will make your presentation looks professional” or “make it vivid”, but you still must understand why you use or do not use graphics in your presentation.

The first fact is that pictures are easier for visual perception than text, but pictures will not contain as much information as text will. So, use pictures to add some life to your presentation, to point on key concepts and ideas.

Second fact, having pictures in your presentation is a good way to differentiate between slides. People will remember more if they will have a visual image of what you are talking right now.

Third, in fact, if you what presentation to look professional then you don’t need to full it with hundreds pictures. It wound be enough to add a company logo, sometime it is necessary to add more graphics, but… keep it simple. Remember, that people might need to access your presentation from the web and the presentation size should not be bigger that 60 minutes of high-quality video.

What about using graphic libraries? If you will use some free clipart, then you will not achieve the goal for your presentation to look like professional one. People used these clip arts thousand of times and will know where did you get these pictures from. The good idea is to purchase a package of ready to use presentation images or ask company designer to prepare several images for your presentation.

What about using animation, movies and so on in your presentation? Well, it’s a good idea to put vivid video in your presentation, but remember that if may be hard to get this presentation online and keep all formats and files in a proper way.

The general question – should the presentation be animated in someway? For instance, PowerPoint allows to draw your slide step by step – first draw the title, then represent one by one some key phrases. This is great idea as people who will listen to you will carefully follow your ideas, but again, you will not be able to make sure that your presentation will be represented online correctly with all steps that you have planned.

The recommendation is simple – use graphics in your presentation. It’s very good idea to make it look professional, but only graphics will not do job for you.

Images that work! I talk about charts and diagrams. People are willing to have a look at statistics. Statistics is what making people crazy about everything, so if you have some statistic, then add it to your presentation. Tell about your sales in past, future and planned. Show the numbers not just in text, but on chart. Name the chart accordingly – don’t tell “The chart number …”, tell what this chart explains “The growth of sales during last two years was not what we were looking for”.

So how does professional presentation look like? It may have some pictures, but author focuses on clear ideas supporting them with chars and diagrams. That is the key to successful presentation.