Children Gift Basket Presents Are Right on the Money When Giving a Gift to Any Child

Did you ever know a child who didn’t light up at the sight of a treasure trove of surprises? Just look at how they act at places like a doctor’s or dentist’s office when they’re offered a small prize or treat. Any time they have a large number of gifts to choose from, they’re in a happy world all their own. I can remember the happiness of my own kids rummaging through the prize box at a local restaurant trying to decide between the numerous small items inside. So imagine the smiles of delight you’d get by sending a special child in your life an entire basket filled with little surprises and snacks. Children gift basket gifts make a perfect present for any occasion.

Gift baskets are ideal choices for children, because children get off on abundance. Their perspective is different than that of most adults. Whereas we know that one larger gift is probably the more costly one, children judge by how much of something they receive. Therefore, a basket filled with ten or more small toys and favorite snacks is going to make any child more supremely happy than if you bought him still another expensive toy. A toy will soon be relegated to a dusty corner, but a gift basket will be used immediately and enjoyed.

There are a lot of choices for you to make when selecting a gift for a child, because there is a variety of them to select from. Of course, your knowledge of the child’s likes and interests can point you in the right direction. The selections in these deluxe baskets were made with a child’s tastes in mind, and they will help take all the guesswork out of gift-giving for you. Not only that, but if you live long distance, you can order the perfect present and then have it delivered directly to your child’s door. No more hassling wrapping and shipping chores. What’s more, the basket will arrive beautifully wrapped for any gift occasion.

You may never have considered purchasing a gift basket for someone, but they are becoming more popular choices every day. With our hectic, busy lives and the people we love already owning so much “stuff”, it’s nice knowing you can send something that any child on your list would appreciate. A children’s gift basket is a great solution to any giving dilemma you may have.

Marketing Your Business and Services through Presentations

If you have read any information about successful marketing, you know that the only way to find clients and sell your services / business is to “get the word out.” One of the most effective approaches is to share information about what you do by giving presentations to groups, organizations, companies and associations.

There are many groups and organizations that welcome free speakers who have interesting and helpful information to share. Kiwanis and Rotary clubs offer a good venue for starting, because they are usually in need of speakers, are comfortable and welcoming listeners, and also — if you are good — will recommend you to other Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.

I have found, however, that these groups do not have many members who will materialize into clients, but they are excellent for practicing and, who knows, they may tell a potential client about you.

Groups that will pay off with potential clients for your business are Chambers of Commerce, Junior Chambers of Commerce, Associations and Organizations that are related to your services and products. You may even want to join a few groups where you can network, and also let them know that you have information that you would be willing to share in a presentation.

Nowadays, it is even hard to sell a group on getting something for free,The next question is, then, how can you use this for marketing your own business? Give something away for free. Hold a drawing at the end of your presentation (you can lead up to it during your talk). For example, at a conference where I was presenting two sessions, I held a drawing for my presentation book. Anyone who wanted to be in the drawing dropped their business card in a bowl. Because I send out a bi-weekly e-newsletter, I directed anyone who wanted to be put on my mailing list to write a “yes” on the back of the card. I had plenty of names to add to my list.

If you don’t already have any products, you can create a special report that you will send to those who share their cards and e-mail addresses. These are all potential clients.

Do not think of this as a sales presentation and what’s in it for you.Think of this as a helpful conversation that will be of use to your listeners. You care about them and want to help THEM

Presentation Preparation for the Unexpected — Murphy’s Law Catches Up With All of Us

No matter how much preparation we’ve put into our presentation, no matter how carefully we’ve paid attention to the details, and no matter how confidently we walk onto the stage or podium, Murphy’s Law will catch up with us and create an unexpected event or experience when we are presenting. How should we handle this without letting it turn into a disaster?

Don’t ignore the unexpected! While attending a large national convention, I was listening to a delightful luncheon speaker who was positioned in the middle of the room on a low podium. A waiter with a large tray loaded with dirty dishes walked right up onto the podium, crossed in front of the speaker and down the other side. The speaker acted like nothing had happened and just kept on presenting. For several minutes, not one of us heard or paid attention to her words. It was a daunting experience for her, but she would have become more memorable if she had stopped and made some sort of comment — the more humorous, the better.

Practice for the unexpected! Realizing that it will someday happen to us, we must think of all of the unexpected crises that might occur and then practice how we will respond. My theory is that the more prepared we are, the fewer crises will happen. A well-known speaker had all of the power fail during his presentation to a huge group. This is a man who uses many overheads and, of course, a microphone. He asked if anyone had a flashlight or candle, and then proceeded to ask everyone to join him in a familiar song. Soon the power was restored and everyone in the audience loved him more than before.

Do everything you can to avoid the unexpected! As in the previous scenarios, the speaker had no control over the unexpected, but there are steps we can take in advance to cut down our chances of having to deal with it. A professional speaker told me once, “Never assume, always confirm.” This goes for the equipment to make sure you have what you need and is working, for the handouts if someone is making copies for you, for the address and time of your presentation with complete directions of how to get there, and everything else you need to make your presentation smooth and carefree.

Be ready to cope with unexpected travel problems! If you travel by air or rail as a speaker, you will definitely have to face missed or cancelled flights, layovers, and impossible connections. I suggest making every effort to give yourself an extra day for travel. The meeting planner will love you, as will your audience. I know speakers whose flights have been cancelled and to make sure they get to their speaking engagement, they rent a car and drive through the night. That’s the sign of a true professional.

Remember, always be a professional. Be prepared — especially for the unexpected!