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Inflation: What Can We Expect?

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The latest rise in inflation to 4.2% for April 2021 has fueled expectations that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates and tighten monetary policy. The rise in the consumer price index for all items is the largest increase in 12 months since a 4.9% rise in September 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported earlier in the year. this month.

In recent times, the Federal Reserve has been willing to adapt to higher inflation, but that attitude could change with the unexpected pace of price increases in the latest data. “The Fed has given pretty clear and strong signals over the past year that it will not be deterred by signs of inflation and that it will follow an accommodative monetary policy and keep interest rates low,” Wharton Finance said. Professor Itay Goldstein in an interview on the Wharton Business Daily radio show on SiriusXM. (Listen to the podcast at the top of this page).

That position could now change, as the April inflation data was “quite alarming,” Goldstein continued. “Nobody expected inflation to be that high. So now we’re starting to have more expectations that maybe the Fed will eventually act and raise interest rates and tighten monetary policy. ”The Fed Funds target rate serves as a benchmark for bank interest rates and is currently in in the range of 0% to 0.25% The Federal Reserve has said it expects to keep benchmark interest rates close to zero until 2023.

Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel said the Fed may have no choice but to raise interest rates. Siegel has spoken about the threat of rising inflation over the past year, including on the Behind the Markets show that he co-hosts on SiriusXM and in other media interviews. “We could have significant inflation in 2021 and 2022, which would result in a cumulative increase of around 15% to 20% in the price level,” he said. “We will not have the chronic inflation of the 1970s. The Fed will be forced to raise interest rates. [President Joe] Biden’s stimulus, in addition to last year’s stimulus and monetary expansion, created a serious inflationary situation. But the economy will remain strong. ”

“The Fed will be forced to raise interest rates.” – Jeremy Siegel

Explaining a possible shift in the Fed’s approach, Goldstein pointed to recent comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that the central bank is not necessarily targeting 2% inflation, but wants an average of 2% a the long of the time. The Fed is looking at “a wide range of financial conditions,” rather than a single measure, Powell said in a March 2021 interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“[Powell's comments] indicated that even if [inflation] temporarily moves above 2%, we will not change monetary policy,” Goldstein said. “So the expectation was that the Fed would stick with it and keep interest rates low and monetary policy relaxed.”

Space to squeeze

Powell had kept the door open to tighten monetary policy if necessary. “If conditions do change materially, the [Fed’s rate-setting] committee is prepared to use the tools that it has to foster achievement of its goals,” Powell said in the Wall Street Journal interview.

Later in April, Powell reiterated in a letter to Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida that the Fed would intervene if inflation remained above 2% for an extended period, Reuters reported. “As progress toward our employment and inflation targets slows, we will be very accommodative for longer,” Powell wrote in the letter. “On the contrary, if progress turns out to be faster, adjustments in policymaking are likely to come sooner.”

While the pace at which inflation grew in April surprised economists, many had warned that price increases would follow the government’s COVID-19 stimulus programs and Federal Reserve interventions.

As of March 2020, nearly $ 10 trillion in coronavirus relief programs have been launched between the Trump administration and the Biden administration. They include a $ 2.2 billion CARES program as of March 2020, a $ 900 billion program in December 2020, and three Biden administration programs totaling more than $ 6 billion.

April saw strong price increases across the board, except for energy. The used car and truck consumer price index increased 10%, which was the largest monthly increase since the series began in 1953, and accounted for more than a third of all items, seasonally adjusted, according to the BLS. . Other indices that “had a major impact on the overall increase” included food, lodging, airfare, recreation, auto insurance, and household items and activities.

Inflationary trends have also challenged the wisdom of the market at other key times. “[After] the 2008 crisis and all the stimulus and quantitative easing that followed, there was always a concern that inflation would skyrocket as a result,” Goldstein said. “And none of that happened, we had no inflation.” The inflation rate in the US had risen from 1.3% in October 2006 to 5.6% in July 2008, before falling even faster to -2.1% in July 2009; Since then, it has largely remained below 3%, according to BLS data.

“Now everyone is waiting [waiting] to see what will happen, whether it is a temporary change or more persistent.” – Itay Goldstein

This time, expectations were that the economy could absorb the coronavirus stimulus money and that “we may not be in real danger of inflation,” Goldstein said. He noted that while the United States has had its inflationary bouts in the past, “it has been a long time” since it last happened.

“There was a debate, [where] people who thought we weren’t going to see inflation prevailed for a while, but then the new data was definitely a big shock,” Goldstein said. “Now everyone is [waiting] to see what will happen, whether it is a temporary change or more persistent.”

A period of adjustment

The way inflation has played out in past events may not be related to its behavior during the coronavirus crisis, which is “quite different” from the 2008-2009 financial crisis, Goldstein noted. “At this moment there are important imbalances between the supply and demand of different goods. For one thing, you have a pent-up demand for cars and travel and the like. On the other hand, due to various frictions in the supply chain and contracting, problems with the supply are seen. And [those problems] drive prices up. Plus, it has all the monetary and government stimulus, and that can drive some inflation. ”

Goldstein described the current moment as “a period of adjustment” on multiple fronts, including the supply and demand of goods and the prices of goods, and the labor market. The latest employment report for April showed an increase of 266,000 jobs, much less than expected. He noted that some policies introduced during the pandemic are “inducing people to stop working,” such as direct money transfers and expanding unemployment benefits. Other factors are also hampering more employment: “We still don’t have a full personal education in many places, which limits parents and their flexibility to work.”

Above all, there is constant uncertainty about the direction and pace of the pandemic. “Are we really out of the woods and are we able to move on?” Goldstein asked. “All of this is still up in the air, and it shows in various data such as prices and unemployment that are extreme and surprising in many ways.”

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PR mistakes that can ruin your career

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It’s critical to remain accurate when it comes to information about a client offered for an article or the intricacies of your accomplishments as a PR pro.

This behavior can take various forms, including exceeding the authority of those you represent, lying, or other ethical blunders. Another PR and client service sin is “using any kind of confidential customer information for personal gain, “Given the ethical and possibly legal ramifications, this should go without saying. However, it is vital to be attentive on this front and ensure that all new professionals entering the industry are aware of what constitutes appropriate client information use and what does not.”

Sure, not everyone is born with the ability to speak in front of an audience. Choosing the wrong spokesman for a client or company, on the other hand, might have disastrous effects. “To best represent your company, it’s vital to teach your spokespeople on the do’s and don’ts of speaking to the media and track their progress. “Choosing the incorrect spokesmen could jeopardize your career longevity.” To summarize, “ensuring your spokespeople understand and follow the laws of the road benefits both PR professionals and the companies they represent.” It is recommended that you seek professional advice from a well respected Public relations agency in Sri Lanka.

For individuals hoping to advance in PR, sharing confidential information with the press is a bad idea. “After all, public relations professionals are also secret keepers. We are granted access to our customers’ inner workings and are frequently among the first to learn sensitive material, allowing us to assist in the creation of crisis plans and crafting communications for whatever event arises. Loose tongues sink ships, as the old adage goes.

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How to get benefits from link building for SEO

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You know you can’t just develop a website and sit back and wait for new consumers to come knocking on your virtual door, but if you’re new to digital marketing, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Assuming you already have good content on your site (blog posts, explainer videos, relevant infographics, etc.), link building is an easy approach for beginners to start increasing their SEO. You can see professional advice from the best SEO company in Sri Lanka.

The process of obtaining other websites to connect to a page on your own website in order to earn a higher ranking on the SERPs is referred to as link building in SEO. Because search engines prioritize quality over quantity, obtaining a few high-quality connections is more significant than obtaining dozens of low-quality or spammy links. The key to obtaining authority sites to connect to your site or blog is to regularly create relevant, high-quality material that is naturally shared, commented on, and linked to.

It’s all about the connections. When Google sees your material linked on other websites, it recognizes that your brand is deserving of further attention. As a result, your website will appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) as recommended by SEO services in Sri Lanka.

The worth of the links, not the number of links found by the bots, is the most essential factor. Connecting with a website that consistently receives hundreds, preferably thousands, of unique visitors each month will produce more buzz than having your content shared in a post with only two or three views.

Let’s pretend you own a company that sells kitchenware or organic foods. Building a relationship with someone like Lisa Leake, who has over 1.6 million likes on her Facebook page, will get you recognized faster and help you rank higher than an unknown mommy blogger who enjoys cooking but is just getting started.

While linking to well-known websites won’t automatically propel you to the top of the search results, it will help because a good webmaster (the person in charge of site content) monitors who is sending traffic to his or her site. If one of these webmasters visits your site and discovers relevant, superior content that would benefit their audience, they will almost certainly ask if they can repost your pieces. They may even ask whether you’d be willing to allow them to publish a guest post if they discover you have connections with other influencers in a similar market or business. Score! It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Building these online connections isn’t difficult, but it does take effort and thinking, just like any other long-term relationship. Focus on linking from your site to other websites that are naturally relevant to get the most out of your investment. To put it another way, a cookware firm that links to a blogger who regularly provides healthy recipes makes sense, whereas a cookware company that links to a government institution that monitors seismic activity does not.

Make a list of ten to twenty influencers that you believe would be excellent link partners. Are you unsure where to begin? Use free tools like BuzzSumo to “identify critical influencers to promote your content,” Followerwonk to find Twitter influencers, or Traackr, an influencer marketing platform.

Here are a few more suggestions to get the conversation started:

Introduce yourself in the forums or join existing discussions.
Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube are all good places to leave comments on blog or social media pieces.
Include links to well-known specialists in your article.
Request permission to republish an excellent article in its entirety or in part on your own website.
Invite bloggers to submit a guest post or evaluate your products by contacting them.
Send a short email to other webmasters with snippets demonstrating why you believe their audience will love your content.
Expand your online business directory listings to encourage visitors to your site for further information.

Remember to only include links that provide value to your viewers, whether you use one of the above options or all of them. Keep in mind that the text you link to is also crucial. Include your top keywords for the post or page in your backlinks to get the most out of them. Don’t, for example, link to phrases like “read more.” Instead, link to sentences that are keyword-rich.

Remember that success is dependent on high-quality, relevant content now that you understand what link building is and why you should use it. Period.

In reality, you can work until the cows come home, but unless your website content is exceptional, you will never develop long-term partnerships or rank at the top of search engine rankings.

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Black Onyx Rings As Presents

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Black onyx rings go way back as they were used by noblemen, popes and those in high society as a soft of brand to let people know who they are. Today, they are highly valued for their beautiful appearance. Black onyx rings come in all shapes and sizes and they can be produced in different settings. The most popular are silver and platinum, as they provide a sharp contrast to the darkness of the black diamond. However, more traditional settings are gold or yellow gold. Usually, these are used in signet rings and some onyx jewelry even comes with other precious stones. Pearls look good paired with black onyx because of the contrast. It is elegant, and is perfect for any maiden. Diamonds are also a popular black onyx partner, and are a classic combination.

Black onyx jewelry is great to give as gifts to your loved ones. A lot of people choose the onyx to give as gifts because they are unique, beautiful, and comparatively cheaper than real diamonds. They are one of the more popular gift items for both families, friends and significant others. Every birthday celebrant will be happy to receive an onyx ring. Because it is unique, it won’t be like any other present he or she receives. Also, you can have it personalized so that it really is, especially for the birthday celebrant.

Meanwhile, for engagements and wedding anniversaries, onyx is one of the most popular choices. According to a recent survey, more and more couples are choosing onyx rings to renew their vows or seal their marriages. This is because like any other union, black onyx jewelry can stand the test of time. It is also a great piece to share with your partner. You can even have matching ones specially made. This is also true for those who are looking for an alternative to the usual box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers during Valentine’s Day.

You can never go wrong when you give jewelry to your mom on Mother’s day. Every mom loves jewelry, and she’ll appreciate it even more if it’s well thought of. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have your local jeweller makes a special onyx ring for your mother? This way, you can make her feel special, and thank her for all the sacrifices she has made for you. You can also give it to your dad as a Father’s Day presents. There are a lot of onyx rings for men. It’s best to get one with a bigger band, or a signet ring so it is more suited. For a graduation event, nothing says “I’m proud of you” like a set of nice onyx jewelry, especially for women. Jewelry has long been used as gifts for special occasions like these. Make it extra special with an extra special gemstone. Take the time to really make the set fitting for the person, so that the graduate will really appreciate the gift during the special time.

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The Past And Present Of Perfumery

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The word perfume refers to a pleasant scent produced from a concoction of aromatic compounds, scented essential oils, solvents and fixatives. The term has been derived from “per fumus” which is a Latin word meaning ‘through smoke’. The art of perfume making or perfumery initiated in ancient Egypt; but the Arabs and the Romans were the ones who upgraded and refined the concept further. Perfumes were also used in Asia but were based on incense sources.

Many Egyptian inscriptions and clay tablets depict the process of preparing perfumes. But the world’s first perfume maker was Tapputi of Mesopotamia. There were accounts of this chemist on the 2nd millennium BC Cuneiform tablet. One of the oldest perfume making processes was discovered in Cyprus. Italian archaeological teams had excavated a massive factory that existed during the Bronze Age which is about 4000 years ago. Perfumery also existed in India and the main sources of fragrance were Attar, sandalwood oil and agarwood oil. In the west, European countries Hungary, France and England were the first to attempt composing scents.

Plants and herbs that were possibly used in early perfume making include Angelica, Scented Agrimony, Apple, Birch, Avens, Black Current, Calamint, Camomile, Fern, Mint,Fennel, Cyperus, Elder Flower, Feverfew, coriander, almond, Melilot Hawthorn, Clover, Broom, Hyssop, Lily of the valley, Conifer resin, Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary, Sage, Oak Moss, Lemon Balm, Milfoil, Orris, Rose, Tansy, Violet, Rue and Jojoba. Modern perfumery began during the end of 17th century.

The longevity and intensity of a perfume depend upon the durability and concentration of the solvents and the aromatic compounds. Though different perfumeries have different compositions, the scent becomes stronger with the increasing percentage of these compounds. For example the oil concentration in Eau de Parfum (EdP) is generally higher than in Eau de Toilette (EdT). Today’s commercial fragrances are a blend of various chemicals and essential oils. Identifying the components accurately is quite difficult. It’s only a perfume connoisseur who can sniff the ingredients present in a particular scent. The price of a fragrance basically depends on the following natural as well as chemical characteristics-

Uniqueness of the scent
Complexity of the scent
There are no specific procedures for creating fragrances. The ingredients that are presently used can be roughly categorized as: primary scents, modifiers, blenders and fixatives. Tinctures, essential oils and absolutes are the major constituents of the current commercial perfumes.

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The Best Way to Present Your Top Quality Candles

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Finding and buying those top quality candles can be a bit of a task but when you do find smokeless candles, drip-less candles or candles that are both you want to show them at their best. The top combination must be crystal glass holders, especially for dinner candles, but there are alternatives.

Why go to the expense of buying crystal candlesticks or crystal candle holders when there are so many cheaper alternatives available? The answer very simply is that when you are prepared to pay that little more for quality candles, displaying them to their best in equally good quality candle holders is a must.

Large pillar candles can be displayed in a large holder but more often than not they are placed on a small plate. The safer method is to buy a made for purpose plate that has a central spike that pushes into the centre of the candle to hold it firmly in place.

Tealight holders are found in various colours with just as much variation in decoration. Candle lanterns are made specifically to take tea lights and the combination can look very effective. You may think all tealights are the same quality but you would be wrong. Look out for smokeless and drip-less types and you may find they also have longer burn times.

Dinner candles can be a simple shape such as the beeswax church and altar or the taper, tapered Venetian or Sherwood. A really classy combination is Sherwood dinner candles in crystal candelabra or substitute them for the smaller and elegant Venetians. Alternatively show the Sherwoods in glass candlesticks with simple styling such as a chunky crystal glass or Roman style, the faceted faces usually catch the light and create a very pleasing effect. Look for glass candlesticks being the same style but differing heights. Grouped together they can make a classy looking table centrepiece.

A crystal glass candelabra can be used either as a table centrepiece for a dinner party or used on a side table for everyday use supporting unlit candles. Crystal glass candlesticks with their clean lines add a touch of class to a room. Of course both styles make an excellent wedding present or Christmas present.

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Different Approaches Presented In A Project Management Course

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There are at least six various approaches to management which may be presented in a project management course. The approach necessary for each project is dependent upon the time line, cost, and overall goals and objectives of the project.

The first approach is the traditional approach. This is a phased approach which presents a set of five steps to complete to finish a program and ensure success.

Next is the Critical Chain Project Management method, which emphasizes human and physical resources as a source of strength in finishing tasks. This approach seeks to raise the rate of program completion in an organization by maximizing man power.

Also popular, is the Extreme Project Management approach. Because of it’s extremity (yes, there is truth in the title), this method works best with large, one-time projects, and is not recommended for a group with consistent projects. This extremity can be mixed with principles rooted in human interaction management for best results.

Event chain methodology is also used to address project managing. Event chaining focuses on scheduling and time management. It allows for a small margin of error by expecting uncertainties and analyzing them.

Another method used in management courses is PRINCE2. A very structured approach to management, PRINCE2 allows the manager to easily track and organize plans, resources, contacts, and other stages of a current project. It’s also very explanatory, which is beneficial to beginners.

The last approach discussed is process-based management. This approach relies on existing processes, such as Capability Maturity Model Integration and Software Process Improvement and Capability Estimation. This method usually involves focusing on small tasks within a project rather than the project as a whole.

Any of these approaches, which are introduced in a typical project managing course, can be used successfully. It is important for the project manager to closely analyze the working styles of himself and his team before choosing the most effective approach.

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Children Gift Basket Presents Are Right on the Money When Giving a Gift to Any Child

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Did you ever know a child who didn’t light up at the sight of a treasure trove of surprises? Just look at how they act at places like a doctor’s or dentist’s office when they’re offered a small prize or treat. Any time they have a large number of gifts to choose from, they’re in a happy world all their own. I can remember the happiness of my own kids rummaging through the prize box at a local restaurant trying to decide between the numerous small items inside. So imagine the smiles of delight you’d get by sending a special child in your life an entire basket filled with little surprises and snacks. Children gift basket gifts make a perfect present for any occasion.

Gift baskets are ideal choices for children, because children get off on abundance. Their perspective is different than that of most adults. Whereas we know that one larger gift is probably the more costly one, children judge by how much of something they receive. Therefore, a basket filled with ten or more small toys and favorite snacks is going to make any child more supremely happy than if you bought him still another expensive toy. A toy will soon be relegated to a dusty corner, but a gift basket will be used immediately and enjoyed.

There are a lot of choices for you to make when selecting a gift for a child, because there is a variety of them to select from. Of course, your knowledge of the child’s likes and interests can point you in the right direction. The selections in these deluxe baskets were made with a child’s tastes in mind, and they will help take all the guesswork out of gift-giving for you. Not only that, but if you live long distance, you can order the perfect present and then have it delivered directly to your child’s door. No more hassling wrapping and shipping chores. What’s more, the basket will arrive beautifully wrapped for any gift occasion.

You may never have considered purchasing a gift basket for someone, but they are becoming more popular choices every day. With our hectic, busy lives and the people we love already owning so much “stuff”, it’s nice knowing you can send something that any child on your list would appreciate. A children’s gift basket is a great solution to any giving dilemma you may have.

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The Right 3 Ring Presentation Binder For Your Needs

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Three kits are an impressive way to store and display information in a form that is easily accessible. In fact, they are ideal for binding training manuals, product information and great reports. Many companies choose presentation binders for this type of application. Also known as a clear vision or clear overlap of folders, each folder has a clear vinyl overlay on the front, back and spine. These clear vinyl overlays allow you to insert a title page, about your company and the title of his report or document. This allows you to customize your notebook to its report and its needs.

As simple as this sounds, in reality there are some things to consider when you’re looking for a three-ring binder presentation. Here are five things …

1. Color: Clear overlay binders are the most commonly available in white. However, if you look hard you will probably be able to find almost all of the different folders in black too. A limited number of clear overlap folders are available in navy blue. Other colors that have to be produced and custom could be very costly.

2. Ring Style: Clear 3-see folders are available in three standard configurations of the ring. The two most common styles of ring ring road and D-ring. However, the binders can also be purchased with ez-d-loading of the Rings. Ez D-ring folders and folders of cargo tend to be a better fit for the big papers round, while the folders are the most commonly used for small presentations. In general, round folders have rings attached to the backbone of the folder, while d-folders and folders ezload have rings attached to the back of the folder.

3. Thickness: Presentation folders are available with rings as small as 1 / 2 “in diameter or larger than 43 in diameter. In general, kits are available in increments of half an inch. It is important to note that more than 3 folders “are not available with a round of the Rings and that the size of the rings folder does not reflect the actual size of the folder on the platform.

4. Size: Most of Clearview kits are designed for 8.5 “x 113 letter-sized documents. However, if you’re looking for binders that accomidate his letter size documents, legal documents or 11 “x 173 presentations are some options available. These options are much more difficult to find, and often the options available in these sizes are very limited compared to regular letter-size folders.

5. Quality: There are a number of factors to look for when considering the quality of a clear presentation of folders. Clear vision kits are available with varying degrees of clear vinyl on the front, back and spine. Better quality used vinyl folders that will not transfer toner from their documents that allows you to reuse the binders. Binding of higher quality too heavy use chipboard, have the deepest pockets on the inside and which often include lifting of the road. If the plan for the reuse of their presentation binders for multiple reports or presentations, these are all things that you should look for.

The use of these five characteristics that you should be able to better choose the best presentation folder clear vision for your organization. While you make your choice, keep in mind that many of the clear presentation folders available in the market are designed for one time use and are not built with quality materials. If the plan for the reuse of their folders and do not want to fall into the hands of your customers may want to consider buying higher quality kits.

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Presenting – Steven and Paul from the Accommodating the Soul B& B – Spirituality and Personal Touch

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Sometimes the most interesting encounters happen spontaneously. I had just picked up the Beach Metro Community News and noticed an advertisement for a bed and breakfast in Toronto’s Beach that had a rather unusual name: Accommodating The Soul Bed and Breakfast. For my neighbourhood portrait of the Beach I had wanted to interview a tourism entrepreneur anyway, so I decided to call the number listed.

I talked with one of the owners and got a positive reception. Steven and I arranged that I would drop by Saturday afternoon for a quick interview. So on a snowy day I drove down Waverley Road and stopped just north of Queen Street: I had found my destination. Steven Zarlenga, one of the co-owners, opened the door to Accommodating The Soul B&B and welcomed me. He offered me a pair of slippers, a comfortable accessory on this cold and clammy day. The co-owner Paul Karamat had also been waiting for me and said hello. After offering me a glass of orange juice, Steven took me on a tour of the house.

The historic home has a beautifully decorated living room on the east side, with an adjoining dining room that features a colourful oversize floral painting which Steven and Paul brought back from a trip to Thailand. Upstairs are three tastefully decorated bedrooms, with one gorgeous private bathroom and one shared bathroom. Steven did all the interior decorating, and the entire house has a tranquil elegance to it. Straight down from the entrance is the kitchen, a room they plan to renovate in the near future. Doors from the kitchen and the dining room lead down a few steps to a new addition: a beautiful west-facing garden room with three sets of French doors provides a perfect spot to relax. In the summer you can gaze out over the green sanctuary behind the house. Their backyard is part of the Beaches Garden Tour.

Their garden has even been used as a backdrop for weddings and other special events. The generous garden room with its series of French doors reminded me a bit of a European palais, where doors open up to a beautifully designed oasis of colour and fragrance. Steven commented that the garden is a quiet respite and many B&B guests have remarked how peaceful the garden is. During the Jazz Festival Steven and Paul often sit in the backyard with their guests, enjoying a glass of wine and listening to the music that drifts up from Queen Street.

Steven and Paul used to live in Richmond Hill, and had been playing with the idea of opening a bed and breakfast for some time, but they always thought that this would be something to do later on in life. At a critical juncture in life they decided to go ahead with their plans anyway and started searching for a suitable property. They looked in different parts of Toronto and were shown various properties all over the city. When they looked around the Beach, they liked the small town feel of this neighbourhood and the restaurant and shopping opportunities close by. Paul commented that when their real estate agent drove them down Waverley Road, they somehow felt guided to this property and bought it right away after the viewing. They became good friends with the former owner who allowed them to put plants in the garden before they even owned the house and fixed up all the holes in the wall before Steven and Paul took over the property.

The name for this B&B came to Paul in a divinely inspired moment. Paul describes himself as spiritual, he prays regularly and asked for a name for their new bed and breakfast. Paul smiles and says the next day the name came to him spontaneously: Accommodating The Soul. He adds he wanted to create a home for people to come and just be.

Over the last three years Steven and Paul have had guests from all over the world, including from different parts of North America, Europe and Asia. Steven likes to spoil them with his full hot breakfast which includes a fresh fruit cocktail, coffee, tea, juice, and a main course, either an egg dish (Paul adds that Steven’s omelettes are to die for), a quiche or a dish made with filo pastry. Steven told me about his pancakes: he takes thin slices of ripe pear and puts them in the dough while the pancake cooks. The fruit remains visible on one side of the pancake and the top gets sprinkled with icing sugar. My mouth was watering just listening to this description.

I asked them to tell me a few of their favourite guest stories that they have accumulated over the last three years. They both commented that their guests come from all walks of life, some are wealthy, some are regular, hard-working people, but they treat everyone the same way, and 99% of their guest experiences have been positive.

Many of their guests say that they sleep so much better here than in their own home. Just recently some guests from the West Coast brought a bottle of malt as a present, and other guests brought some cheese. Often their guests are interesting personalities or they come for interesting reasons. One of their guests was doing research into the death of his uncle who was killed on duty as an RCMP officer. Another couple from Korea came with their Korean brother-in-law. As an interior designer, Steven got involved in an animated discussion about architecture with the brother-in-law. Later that day the couple commented that their traveling companion had not talked with anyone for five days, and Steven was the first person that he opened up to.

A young woman from Japan who spoke no English stayed for several days at their B&B, and they went on some joint excursions to Niagara-on-the-Lake together. The only way they could communicate was through improvised sign language, and the three established a great connection and had lots of laughs together. Positive human connections are possible even without the aid of a common spoken language.

Steven and Paul’s favourite guest story involves a woman from Halifax who came to stay at their B&B. Mary, a good-looking tall woman in her fifties, with blond hair, was a bit reserved, yet she also came across as relaxed and spiritual. The two owners knew that they were going to connect with this B&B guest. Mary finally opened up and told them her story: she had had a very close friend, Anna, whom she had grown up with. They would often have tea and cookies together, and one day, during one of their get-togethers, Anna got up, and fell back down – she had suffered a massive heart attack and passed away the same day.

When Mary was taking the train to Toronto on her way to visit Steven and Paul’s B&B, Mary said to herself “Anna, if you are out there, give me a sign. ” Mary closed her eyes and when she opened them again she saw a big A in the sky. As Paul was telling this story, something had just given me a chill. Steven and Paul added that they became good friends with Mary and they cried when she left. They felt they had met a soul sister. Needless to say, Mary has been back several times since her first visit.

I inquired into their personal backgrounds and Steven started to explain that he was born in Toronto into an Italian-Canadian family. He graduated from a program in marketing and started to work for American Standard. He moved into the field of human resources and started to work with disabled people for whom he organized job fairs and work placements.

One day he literally had a light bulb moment, he realized that he needed a change in his life, and at the time he considered that he might open a home accessories store. Steven had always had a real talent for interior design, and since he was a child, his relatives would ask him for decorating advice. He figured he might as well try to make a living at something that he is really good at. He got as far as attending some trade shows and gathering some samples for the intended home accessories store, but in the end, Steven and Paul decided to harness Steven’s decorating talents by putting them to good use in their own bed and breakfast which they were planning to open.

Steven is also a talented stained glass artists, and some pieces of Steven’s art adorn their home. Steven has also sold several pieces of stained glass to some of his bed and breakfast guests while several other visitors have requested his help with their interior design projects.

Paul was born in Guyana and was twelve years old when he came to Toronto. He said his initial adjustment period was a bit difficult since he was used to growing up in a large family who had been living closely together. Once he arrived in Toronto, his entire family was spread out all over the city. In his twenties Paul completed his education in nursing and worked as a “traveling nurse” in various parts of the USA for three years. He was hired by different nursing agencies and worked in various cities throughout Florida and California.

Paul is also a registered physiotherapist and describes himself as an aspiring spiritual counselor, writer and public speaker. He also provides mindfulness awareness meditation workshops.

One experience that shaped Paul Kamarat was a walk along the ancient pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago. We briefly talked about my friend Sue Kenney who has become a recognized authority on the Camino. Paul recounts a story of when he was traveling by train from France towards the border of Spain where he would be starting his pilgrimage. He had met a local woman on the train who told him that they were very close to the famous French pilgrimage town of Lourdes. Paul decided to get off the train and spent a night in this historic town, a magical experience.

Once he had started his pilgrimage near the Spanish town of Roncesvalles, he asked God to give him a sign whether he was on the right path. Just at that moment he saw a pair of dancing butterflies, which had always been a positive symbol for Paul. He knew he was on the right track.

Paul adds that as a budding writer he has a strong interest in regular people. He said that he meets so many interesting people and there are so many special individuals out there who are making a positive contribution to the planet.

Steven also pulled out his album and showed me a few pictures of the B&B’s renovation project. Other images featured some of the special events held here and some of his stained glass work. We also went through their guest book which features so many positive comments about the guest experience at Accommodating The Soul B&B. Ever the gracious hosts, Paul and Steven had brought me cookies and a delicious plate of cheese and crackers to keep me energized during the interview. Their natural knack for hospitality is genuine and welcoming.

Just before I had to leave, Paul showed me his pilgrimage passport and the scallop shell that is the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. Steven also had a special item to show me, particularly since Paul was instigating: Steven’s artistic talent manifested itself early in the form of a blue paper-maché pig, an art project that was displayed in his high school along with a variety of other exhibits and science experiments. We all chuckled at this unusual long-lashed yet strangely endearing piece of art.

Two other interviewees were waiting for me, but meeting these two hospitality entrepreneurs was a real treat. I have interviewed many bed and breakfast owners over the years, but I don’t think I have ever met B& B hosts who enjoy the guest experience and the human connection as much as Steven Zarlenga and Paul Karamat. Both gentlemen invited me to come back and I didn’t leave before I got a big hug from both of them. Truly a bed and breakfast with a personal touch…

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